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Sailing Courses

Sailboat Cancún has a 60-foot and a 75-foot ocean sailboats prepared with the latest navigation technology that offer sailing courses. We have two course options:

Basic day course: 3000 MXN / class

The Classes last 4 hours a day. You can take the number of classes you want until you feel confident sailing alone.
The Basic course is designed for those who have a boat and need practice or those who want to learn to navigate at their own pace.
What you will learn:

  • Boat parts nomenclature
  • Instrumentation (Slide, probe, autopilot, wind equipment)
  • Radar and telecommunications
  • Basic sailing navigation
  • Basic meteorology
  • Maneuvers
  • Rules and regulations

Sailing course Certificate

1. Initiation sailing course with Yacht Crew Certificate

    • Duration 3 days 2 nights with life on board
    • Navigation through the bay of Cancun and surroundings
    • Price per person 990 USD
    • Price per couple 1490 USD

With this course you obtain the Yacht Crew certificate that gives you the option to continue advancing to the following levels: Skipper, Yacht Master, etc.

– Momenclature of the parts of the ship
– Directions
– Sail trimming
– Basic navigation maneuvers

2. Sailing Course with In Shore Skipper Certificate

  • Duration 7 days 6 nights
  • Navigation through the bay of Cancun, to Cozumel and surroundings
  • Price per person: 1980 usd
  • Price per couple: 2980 usd

Certified Inshore Skipper courses are given aboard a 75-foot ocean sailboat. They are life-on-board courses where theoretical/practical classes are taught during navigation.

• Subjects :
– Advanced navigation
– Maneuvers in port and sea
– GPS and Chart Positioning (Interpretation of charts and their symbols)
– Radar and telecommunications
– Night navigation
– Meteorology
– Rules and regulations
– Navigation maneuvers in bad weather
– Night navigation
– Safety and prevention on board
– Main engine parts and maintenance

All Certified sailing courses include stay on the boat, sailor, captain/navigation instructor and study material.