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Sailing Courses

Sailboat Cancun is a 14-meter oceanic sailboat  prepared with the latest navigation technology that offer sailing courses . The courses have a duration of 1 month.It will be 1 course for week with 4 hours of classes. The hours are adaptable to their free time. The Classes are held on board of the sailboat with trips around the bay of Cancun. We have several types of courses:

Basic: 8000 MXN / month

  • Basic navigation to sail
  • Maneuvers
  • Nomenclature parts of the ship
  • Instrumentacion (log, echo sounder, autopilot, wind equipment)

Advanced: 15000 MXN / month

  • Advanced Navigation
  • Maneuvers port and sea
  • GPS and letter (interpretation of the cards and their symbolism)
  • Radar and telecommunications
  • Rescue (maneuvers safety and prevention)
  • Maritime and REGULATIONS law
  • Night Navigation
  • Basic Meteorology
  • Navigation bad weather